A gorilla reading Fat Cats and Lucky Dogs
  • Gentlemen,

    I'm pleased you sent me an early copy of what I see as a most welcome and entertaining book and most needed. The incident of what happened to Dorothy Parker's dog, I'm sure happens far too often and the guides and help you offer as only area of expertise are most needed.

    Thank you for the bright style of your info and all the help you provide for all of us.

    Ed Asner (actor)


  • Hi Barry,

    Your book was a pleasure to review. The book's cover claims to contain "everything you need to know to protect your pet if you become sick or die." This is no idle boast.


    Michael Rappaport
    Managing Editor
    CBA National Magazine & CCCA Magazine
    Canadian Bar Association

  • Thank you or sending me a copy of your book "Fat Cats & Lucky Dogs." I look forward to reading it on my next vacation. It is so nice to see other animal lovers taking the time to instruct people on how to care for their pet's well being.

    Martha Stewart
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