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In this book, we cover a range of options to provide for our pets' future under such circumstances when we are no longer mentally or physically able to take care of them. We also discuss a number of related topics, such as pet retirement homes, pre-planning after-death arrangements for pets, and working around special problems associated with exotic pets.

Pets are becoming more important in our lives. This is borne out by recent research, which shows that 75% of American dog owners view their animals as family members and more than 50% of cat owners feel the same. About 20% of pet owners have actually changed romantic relationships because of disputes over pets. Nearly 40% of pet owners carry pet pictures in their wallets and more than 30% have taken time off work because of sick pets. A majority of pet dogs and cats sleep indoors,

most on their owner's bed or on a blanket or pet bed. A recent survey revealed that more pet owners would rather be stranded on a desert island with their pets than their spouse.

If our pets are important to us, we owe it to them to do what they cannot - ensure their well-being when we are no longer able. Fat Cats and Lucky Dogs explains in detail how to do just that.

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Cool Factoids

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  • Attorneys in some United States jurisdictions report that, when asked, 90% of their pet-owning clients want to make provisions for their animals, either through trusts or some other mechanism.

  • Several years ago, the American Animal Hospital Association conducted a
  • survey of 1,019 pet owners to determine the role their pets played in their lives. Some 57%said they would want a pet as their only companion if they were stranded on a deserted island; 55%considered themselves a parent to their pets; and 80% selected companionship as the main reason for having pets.

  • In 2003, a Kentucky woman went to jail for 30 days rather than obey a court order to turn her two cats over to her ex-husband.
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